Welcome to Hands on Brasov


Hi everyone! We are the 6 Human Sciences from the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwecollege, Ostend. It's the best school in Belgium and every year they organise this project. Also this year (2019-2020), we will continue our exchange. We will share all our experiences and favourite moments with you and hope you will love it as much as we do, enjoy!
- The students of 6 Human Sciences -


Our fundraising activities

To raise money for the orphanages and old people's homes in Romania, we sold pancakes at school. The pancakes were a huge succes, especially because they were homemade by us.

On december 18th our school organized a Christmas market to raise money for different charities. We also stood there with a frieshop called 'Fries for Brasov'. This evening was amazing we sold a lot of fries and Dutch meatballs. The vibe at the Christmas market was wonderful and we loved that we could tell so many people about our exchange project.

At march 15th we were going to organize a brunch, called 'Brunch for Brasov'. We spent a lot of time in this brunch, it was going to be amazing. We had bought all of the food and drinks.

We searched for sponsorship, we made a poster, we sold a lot of tickets,... Everything was ready.

But a week before 'Brunch for Brasov' would start, we had to cancel the event because of the coronavirus. We started thinking about a solution, and we decided to make breakfast baskets.

Even though the Coronavirus ruined a lot for us, this solution was also a success.