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Hi everyone! We are the 6 Human Sciences from the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwecollege, Ostend. It's the best school in Belgium and every year they organise this project. Also this year (2019-2020), we will continue our exchange. We will share all our experiences and favourite moments with you and hope you will love it as much as we do, enjoy!
- The students of 6 Human Sciences -


Day 4: Antwerp

Bijgewerkt: 1 mei 2020

On day 4 we visited Antwerp, one of the most well-known cities of Belgium.

We took the train around 7 o'clock, so everyone was really tired and slept the whole ride.

Once we got there everyone fell in love with the beautiful station.

We went immediately to The Meir, Antwerp's most famous shopping street, where we got some informations about some statues.

Afterwards we visited The Red Star Line Museum, we received information about the history of The Red Star Line.

In the afternoon we went to The MAS: "Museum aan de stroom". It's a museum with an old collection of the nearby Maritime Museum and the collection of the former Ethnology Museum.

And I think none of us will forget the view we had from the top of the building.

After an exhausting day most of us slept the whole way back to Ostend.